HTC - Partners in Education

Education is a high priority to our cooperative. We strive to educate our members and others about the functions of a cooperative and how to improve education as a whole through special programs developed
at HTC.

It is with great pride that HTC serves Horry County Schools as a Partner in Education. Through the
Partners in Education program with Horry County Schools, HTC can provide valuable and lasting contributions for students, teachers, businesses and the community.

For more information on HTC educational programs, contact Nicole Hyman at (843) 369-8498.

HTC@School Newsletter:

HTC sends out a bi-monthly newsletter called HTC@school to all teachers, principals and guidance counselors. The educational update from HTC informs and reminds educators of what HTC has to offer
the classroom in forms of presentations, tours and as an educational resource. The newsletter is a communication tool that HTC developed in 1999 to help notify teachers as to what HTC has to offer the classroom. By reading the newsletter, teachers and principals have a special link to a qualified
educational representative. The educational newsletter was also created to increase the amount of tours and classroom presentations as well as promote HTC's continued commitment to educational achievements and programs.

Directory & Cell Phone Recycling Program:

HTC has taken a leadership role in the recycling effort, which has become increasingly important as landfill space fills up and as our environment becomes more threatened by pollution. In 1991, HTC began a recycling program for old telephone directories and has continued the campaign every year since.

This year, the RECYCLING 2013 campaign will run from March 20 through May 3. The goal is for each partnering school in Horry and Georgetown Counties to collect at least 2,013 directories.

Directory Recycling Program
For each directory that is delivered to any HTC branch office location, technology prizes will be awarded based on two criteria: 1) the schools that recycle the most directories and 2) the schools that recycle the most directories based on the number of students in the school. First place ($2,500), second place
($1,000) and third place ($500) prizes will be awarded in each category. Technology prizes will include desktop computers, laptops, smartboards, iPads and more.

For each cell phone recycled, HTC will donate a minimum of $1.00 per phone all the way up to $39 per phone to the Horry County Schools Fund for Homeless Students, depending on the model phone recycled. Plus, each person donating a directory or cell phone will receive a rack card with coupons good for a FREE small FROSTY from Wendy’s, a FREE pretzel with the purchase of a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s, a FREE
kid’s admission to Medieval Times, and a 50% off coupon for MyrtleBeachFamilyGolf.com!

In addition, the top three schools that recycle the most phone books will receive prizes for the top participating class including: 1) Wendy's FREE Kid's Meal coupons for the students and teachers in the
top class of those schools, 2)  prizes from Medieval Times!

Old directories and cell phones may be dropped off at any HTC branch office location. The Horry County
Solid Waste Authority has provided a large recycling bin at the Conway HTC Business office to handle deliveries of 25 or more. HTC branch office locations will not be able to handle drops in excess of 25 directories. Please see the receptionist for the rack card with all coupons and to give credit to the preferred school.

When telephone books are recycled, they are used for such things as the manufacturing of ceiling tiles, textbooks, insulation, and envelopes for telephone bills. When cell phones are recycled, they are
refurbished and redeployed in areas of the world where there are no land (wire) lines, or, where the cost
of a new phone is prohibitive. Phones that cannot be refurbished or donated will be recycled and disposed
of in an environmentally responsible manner.

For more information about the RECYCLING 2013 program, please contact Nicole Hyman, HTC Senior Marketing Coordinator, at 369-8498.

Community Service:

We also send employee volunteers into the local public and private schools to ensure that young children are exposed to the modern tools of telecommunications, and that children understand the importance of a good education. In addition, our volunteers teach young children how to use the 9-1-1 emergency
response number. Over the last several years, HTC has been a sponsor of the Fire and Life Safety Expo
held in Myrtle Beach. Thousands of students representing schools in Horry and Georgetown Counties
attend this event and learn about Safety Tips for Kids that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Henry G. McNeill Endowed Scholarship Fund:

On July 23, 2007, The Board of Directors of HTC, family members and friends established the Henry G. McNeill Endowed Scholarship Fund to honor the memory of Mr. Henry G. McNeill, our beloved president until his passing on January 3, 2007.

The scholarship dedicated to the memory of Mr. McNeill provides funding for students enrolled in the Electronics Engineering Technology Programs of Horry Georgetown Technical College.

Mr. McNeill was a long time supporter of HGTC and served on the Board of Directors for many years. The scholarship was created with the hope that future employees of HTC may benefit.

Candidates must be:

  • Enrolled in the Electronics Engineering Technology Programs at HGTC, in any year of study,
    either full or part-time.
  • GPA of 3.0 is required for students already enrolled at HGTC to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • Student must maintain full time residency of Horry and Georgetown counties.
  • Student must be a graduate of a high school within Horry and Georgetown counties.

Funds may be used for tuition, books, supplies or other educational expenses; including personal computers. The selection will be made by the College Scholarship Committee with recommendation from the Electronics Engineering Technology Departments. Interested applicants can contact the HGTC
Financial Aid Office.


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